Take Control of your Home right from your Phone 

Go Green and Save Money with Smart Energy Management...

We want to put more than just security right at your fingertips. With our eco-friendly Green Security Package, you can add control of your home lighting and thermostats to your Mobile Device. This package will update your home's thermostat and get your started with a lighting module to start realizing the advantages and cost savings of home automation.

Our Green Security Package installation starts at only a $149 + your first 3 months of monitoring. Plus, you can expand your automation and control possibilities with some of the great modules listed at the bottom.

Smart Lighting Control

Whether you're across the room or across the world, with Beishir Interactive Services Lighting Management Solutions, you can customize a variety of light automation options for enhanced security, convenience and cost savings. Simply turning your system on when you leave can turn off all lights and have certain ones come right back on when you arrive home. You can even flash all of lights during an alarm event – automatically! Plus, you never need to come home to a dark house again with convenient lighting schedules. You can even have your lights follow a random schedule while you're away so that would-be intruders will never know your life-style patterns.

Smart Thermostat

Many people have taken the time to set up schedules on a programmable thermostat to save money only to find that the HOLD button is pushed and there goes the savings. Beishir Interactive's Thermostats really are “smart”. They adjust to your lifestyle and help you to make smart energy decisions. For instance, your thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature in your home when you set your alarm to leave and bring it back to normal when you come home. In addition, you can monitor and adjust your thermostat right from your Smart Phone. You can also take advantage of our Smart Schedule Activity Patterns that enables thermostat users to optimize their thermostat settings based on their home's actual activity patterns. Your system will monitor your normal activity patterns and recommend a schedule that taylored just to you. You can even have your thermostat make simple adjustments to your inside temperature during extremely hot or cold days automatically. Together, these Smart Activity Patterns and Extreme Temperature Adjustments can help you achieve greater energy efficiency, convenience and control of your energy usage.

Alarm com Smart Schedules

Going Green Saves the Planet AND your Wallet!

In todays world, we all want to do our part to help save the environment. But doesn't it help when saving the environment also translates to savings in our wallet? According to 'energystar.gov' you can save an average of $24 each month on utilities alone!

(Savings based on the energystar.gov programmable thermostat savings calculator. Based on $0.12 per kWh. Actual savings will vary depending on geographic region and usage.)

Security to Fit Your Needs

We realize that one size doesn't fit all. We have a variety of sensors and modules designed with your security in mind. Browse below or contact us to discuss your specific needs and what kind of components we would recommend to secure your peace of mind. Featuring sensors for Life Safety (such as Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Detectors), Environmental Monitoring (Freeze and Flood Detectors), or general security protection, we can design a system that is just right for YOU. The prices below reflect an installed price when purchased outside of our standard packages.

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