Single Door (Stand Alone)

When it comes to a single door (or even a small set of doors) of access control, there are several options available. First, it will be important to evaluate your needs, both presently and long-term. From the most basic PIN entry needs, to prox cards, timed door control and audit trail capabilities, we have a solution for you and your budget. We will design a system that is sure to meet your needs now, and in the future. We offer a variety of integrated locksets (shown below) as well as standalone electric strike and maglock systems capable of integrating with door entry systems and more.
Here are a few examples of locksets we have available and a few of the qualities of each (please note that is only a sample of our selection, we have many more styles and options available depending on your specific application):

All of these solutions would feature a Commercial Grade, Heavy-Duty, Indoor/Outdoor ADA Compliant Leverset for installation on a standard steel or metal door. Additional, yet similar solutions are also available for glass aluminum doors.
Mechanical Simplex Lock
     -No batteries/power required
     -Eliminates the need for keys

     -Limited combination sequences
     -Only 1 active code at a time 
     -Typically requires a service call for combination changes 
     -No audit trail of time zone control
Basic LS1 Lockset
     -Runs on batteries, no cabling required
     -Up to 120 Simultaneous User Codes, including Toggle & Emergency Codes
     -Codes can changed by the end-user at any time 
     -Simple Installation

     -No audit trail or time zone control
     -Keypad managed only, no software programming available
Premium LS2P Lockset
     -Run on batteries, no cabling required
     -Can use a combination of PIN Codes and/or HID Prox Cards
     -Up to 2000 Simultaneous Users Codes, including Toggle & Emergency Codes
     -Auto-Unlocking on Time Schedule 
       -Time Zone based User Codes
     -Software Managed via PC and Data-Transfer-Device
     -Full Audit Trail Available

     -Keypad programming not recommended – must use software for programming
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