It can be hard enough to keep an eye on things even while you’re at home. Ever wonder what happens while you’re away? A surveillance solution from Beishir Lock & Security is sure to ease your mind when it comes to home security.

Have you ever asked yourself:
·        I wonder if they kids are having people over when we’re gone?
·        Are the neighbors using our pool while we’re out of town?
·        I wish I knew who kept running up on the grass in the front yard?
The answers to these questions and many more could be only a few clicks away with a digital surveillance system. Our professional quality equipment will produce the views you need when they’re most important. Our DVRs can even connect to your home network to allow live viewing and playback of recorded video from the comfort of your home computer, laptop or even your iPhone and other PDAs. You can even view connect to your recorder while you’re not at home and check-in, just to give you some additional peace of mind.

Click Here for some helpful tips on common CCTV applications!

  Home security camera tucked above a front porch.

Close-up of camera installed above porch.
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