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We've come a long way since the installation of the first CCTV system in 1942. A study published 60 years later estimated there were over 4,200,000 CCTV cameras installed in the UK alone!

Digital IP Video offers big advantages over CCTV camera systems

However IP Network Video is now overtaking CCTV as the standard for video security and surveillance. This transition is inevitable due to the many advantages IP provides compared to CCTV systems:

  • Lower Cabling Costs
    Cat 5e network cabling costs a fraction of the co-axial cables used in CCTV and the cable runs are typically much shorter.

  • Remote Monitoring
    CCTV cameras don't suport remote monitoring whereas IP cameras allows direct connection to the Internet making them accessible (with permission) from any PC or - with newer cameras - a cell phone.

  • Scalability
    IP Video Systems can be scaled as simply by adding network cameras in increments of one, and industry standard storage (i.e. hard disks) to the file servers. Expanding a DVR-based CCTV system means adding camera capacity in units of 16 for the proprietary DVR, and installing the complicated and expensive cabling of CCTV cameras. 

  • Remote Management and Recording
    In large, multi-site installations, IP offers large savings over CCTV systems by letting you centralize control i.e you can view cameras, record video and manage operations from anywhere. This eliminates the need to duplicate staff, room and storage equipment at each location as is the case with CCTV. 

  • Remote Data Storage
    Video data can be recorded and stored remote from the cameras, resulting in better data security.

  • Better Security
    The automated and advanced features of IP vs CCTV Cameras (such as e-mail notification upon detected motion) provides automated, real-time event notification, which allows better analysis and a timelier decision/response to events and thus, a better chance at prevention.

With advantages such as these for IP vs CCTV, it is easy to see why IP video will soon be the standard for video security and surveillance.  

Like to learn more about our surveillance camera software? 

Milestone is the video security software leader 

Milestone is the leading global developer of open platform software for managing IP video security surveillance systems. The XProtect™ family is powerful and advanced yet easy to use, reliable and proven.

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50,000 customers in many industries

Milestone’s solutions currently power more than 50,000 customer installations worldwide in all industry sectors.

XProtect supports the industry’s widest choice in network hardware - already over 840 different security cameras and NVRs have been tested and certified for compatibility, ensuring the greatest flexibility when scaling their system. We were also the first VMS vendor to support both the ONVIF and PSIA standards. 

Video-enable your business

XProtect lets partners and end-users develop best-of-breed solutions to ‘video-enable’ business: reducing costs, optimizing processes, protecting people and assets - and ultimately increasing value of an organization’s products and services.

We offer a fully documented Software Development Kit (SDK) enabling rapid integration with other systems data like Point Of Sale, Automatic Teller Machines, Access Control, Gates, Lighting, HVAC, Fire Alarms, Analytics, biometrics, etc.

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