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Milestone Systems is the world’s leading provider of open platform IP video management software (VMS) and used by more than 100,000 customers worldwide. XProtect is easy-to-use, yet powerful VMS that is designed with open architecture. This means that all XProtect products are compatible with more IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders than any other VMS manufacturer, giving you the freedom to mix and match hardware to fit your needs and budget.

Because XProtect is based on a true open platform, you have the ability to integrate with today’s best analytics and business solutions and to expand what is possible with future innovations.

Whether your installation is just a few cameras or several thousand, there is an XProtect product to meet your needs.

Discover the XProtect advantage

  • Open platform: For a typical IP video surveillance system, many components beyond cameras are required, such as network routers, switches, wiring, servers, backup power supplies and management and recording software. By choosing XProtect, you have the ability to connect products from a wide array of vendors that best suit the needs of your installation
  • Video enable: The open platform makes it easy to integrate previously independent security and business systems into one video solution for greater efficiency and improved functionality. Use surveillance video for many value-adding purposes, such as training, quality assurance in production control or logistics, delivery and inventory status, insurance claims, employee procedures and environmental hazard monitoring
  • Future proof: All XProtect products easily scale so you can seamlessly expand and upgrade your system according to your needs and budget. A flexible licensing model gives you the freedom to add new technologies as they are developed, allowing you to continually update and improve your solution

          Download a free trial of XProtect today and see for yourself why it is the world’s leading open platform VMS!


Key features XProtect Go XProtect Essential XProtect Express XProtect Professional XProtect Enterprise XProtect Corporate
Number of connected cameras 8 26 48 64 (1) Unlimited (2) Unlimited
Number of supported servers 1 1 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum numbers of users 1 5 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Video export format Media player format XProtect format, Media player, still images XProtect format, Media player, still images XProtect format, Media player, still images

XProtect format, Media player, still images

XProtect format, Media player, still images
XProtect Mobile Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web client for remote viewing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Archiving to network storage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Third-party application integration (3) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support for video analytics (4) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alarm Manager Yes (5) Yes (5) Yes (5) Yes Yes
Scalable multi-server solution Yes Yes Yes
Map function Yes Yes
Centralized management Yes
Milestone Federated Architecture Yes
Flexible event rule wizard Yes
Failover Recording Servers Yes
Edge Storage Yes

(1) XProtect Professional supports up to 64 cameras per server

(2) For most installations larger than 250 cameras, Milestone recommends using XProtect Corporate

(3) Using Milestone Integration Platform (MIP) or the previous version of the SDK

(4) Using XProtect Analytics or MIP

(5) Not full alarm management functionality

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