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Our History

Beishir's History


Decades of History in St. Louis

Beishir Lock & Security is a family-owned operated business proudly serving the St. Louis and surrounding areas since 1972. Over the past several decades, Beishir has become known as an industry leader providing exceptional service for a broad range of physical and electronic security needs.  We've built our reputation by offering our customers quality products and unbeatable service. At Beishir we view security solutions as a puzzle and using our knowledge and expertise to put these pieces together we can solve our customer’s security issues.


Mom,Dad & Ted

Where it all began

Ted & Jeanette Beishir Started Beishir Key & Lock, Inc. in 1972 from their basement in South County with one service vehicle and a dream of owning their own business and providing the best service in the St. Louis area.  Two years later they opened the retail location @ 5423 S. Lindbergh where we've been ever since.

Ted Beishir, Jr. and his wife Heather purchased the business January 1, 1998 and expanded into electronic security. In 2006, Beishir Lock & Security's leadership in the industry allowed us to expand, doubling the size of our current location. Our loyal customer base allowed us to weather the financial crisis of the late 2000's and come out even stronger. Fast forward to 2014, with our solution offerings and staff continuing to grow, we expanded yet again, now occupying the entire building. Today we have a staff of 16, 10 service vehicles, a network of valued integration partners across the country and thousands of satisfied customers. Our customer base now extends across 21 states and continues to grow with new projects and solutions rolling out every week.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

Our comprehensive approach to security is what sets us apart from our competitors, not only do we evaluate current security issues but we also evaluate the entire facility and see if there are other vulnerable areas that might need improvement or should be considered at the same time. We pride ourselves on educating our customers and giving them different options that allows them to choose which solution is right for their needs.  

The last thing any of us want is to spend a significant amount of money on a solution and have the vendor point out a week later - this should have been done.  We strive to engineer a solution with products that offer an open architecture platform.  Realizing our customers’ needs for electronic security we've positioned our company to be able to offer our customers a complete security solution ranging from single family homes to large facilities like hospitals. With our knowledge and experience over the past 45+ years, Beishir can design the perfect solution for your home or business.