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At Beishir Lock & Security, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. See what Beishir clients have to say about a variety of services that we provided for their home or business:

Residential Client

I am not in the habit of writing letters like this but when they are warranted it is my pleasure to do it. Your locksmith Josh Armbruster rekeyed several locks in my 95 year old mothers house yesterday and I cannot give him enough praise and complements on his professionalism and patience he took with my mother explaining everything he did. For whatever reason, after 55 years in her house she was insecure and felt unsafe and changing the locks has made all the difference. He is a true credit to your company and I can’t thank you enough for his service. In this day and age where service seems to be a lost art, it is refreshing to know there are still companies out there that care about their company and the customers they serve. Thanks again, and I will recommend your company every chance I get.

I stopped by your company today and picked up a hard copy of the invoice because my Mom needs a paper receipt on everything she does. Juan Saenz helped me with that and I got the same fine service from him.

Thanks again, Jim

Commercial Client

I would like to let you know how pleased we were about the level of quality service I was provided by Matt Walt and his team from Beishir Security. Last August we experienced an unwanted “visitor” at our school building. It seems that our doors were not shutting properly causing the locking mechanism to fail leaving the exterior doors wide open. Having an unwanted breach of security is troubling for any organization. When you consider the organization I run is an elementary school building, the stakes are raised to a much higher level.

After handling the incident, I immediately began calling several local locksmiths. A representative from Beishir Security came by the school building within a few hours to ascertain what caused the locks to fail and began formulating a plan of action to ensure this never happened again. Upon inspection it became obvious that our security acted more like a sieve rather than a deterrent. Matt and his team began designing a customized security system that fit the unique set of needs that an elementary school possesses.

The folks from Beishir were very accommodating and patient while helping us to agree on an effective long-term solution that met our desired price points. I found the Beishir team to be extremely knowledgeable and forthright as they pitched their solution to our security search committee. Of the three vendors we entertained for this project, Matt’s Beishir Security Team offered us the highest quality, no-nonsense product out there.

Once we chose Beishir, we soon found out how this company treats its clients. When the sales team was done selling their product, another highly qualified, professional team of installers followed suit. The guys that installed our security system were not only professional, but also transparent to the layman’s eyes. Transparency in a school was a very important aspect of our decision to hire Beishir. Our teachers count on as few distractions as possible during the course of the school day to maximize the instructional time offered to the children. Beishir proved to be very conscientious and caring towards the specific needs of my school community.

We love our new security system. I love the fact that everything works properly. I also love the fact that I don’t have to constantly update our system in order for it to operate at an optimal level. Thank You Matt and your team from Beishir Security for helping to keep our precious cargo safe every day.

Sincerely,Mr. Dwight Elmore-Principal | Holy Child School

Mc Cay Tool & Engineering

As a longtime customer of Beishir Lock and Security Ted and his team consistently provide our company with comprehensive solutions and dependable customer service. As a family-run business, they care about their clients’ needs and always find the best solution that meets your expectation and budget. I can always count on them to keep our security system up to date with the latest technology while maintaining zero down time. I highly recommend Beishir Lock & Security. Chris S. Mc Cay Tool & Engineering

Open Options Access Control and Milestone Surveillance System Integration

I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased we have been with the performance of the dnaFusion software from Open Options as part of our access control and security solution. When you first demonstrated the product, I knew right away it was the right fit for us and having been live for several months now I am even more convinced that we made the right decision. As I mentioned to you, we had an attempted theft shortly after we installed the system. I received a call from one of our owners at 9am on a Sunday morning informing me of the situation and asking me to meet him at the dealership top check the video. During the half hour ride to the office my mind kept racing through how long it would take to review the video footage. On the old DVR system, reviewing the video would turn into an all-day project. Not this day! I pulled the Open Options software and loaded the Events Manager. We reviewed every event for the entire day in about 45 minutes. On top of that the ability to filter in so many different ways made it so much quicker to just focus on the time periods that we needed to investigate more closely. In short, the software is performing exactly as intended. Since the initial installation, we have added numerous users and personnel groups to the system. The ease of adding and editing users has made using the software virtually painless. In short, the Open Options is performing exactly as advertised. I would highly recommend this solution for anyone needing an integrated video and access control system. Sincerely, Joe Proehl Controller Craftsmen Transportation Services

Residentia Client

To Management, On October 8, I called your shop in a panic, as I could not get into my safe to get our passports, leaving the next morning. I talked to Alex who put me in touch with Steve Rhinehart. Steve walked me through opening my safe. What a relief. Myself owning an auto repair shop, we always hear about complaints but very few compliments. They are truly a credit to your business. This will pay tenfold. Please send me some business cards as most of my customers are elderly, relying on me to set them up with someone reputable. Thanks, Mark M. P.S. Please give these gift cards to Alex and Steve.


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